You’re signing up for FamilyLife’s Independent Living Solution.

A refundable deposit of S$70 is required to reserve your order during this online sign-up. You will be billed S$70 per month after installation.To support a safe and healthy environment at home while looking out for you or your nominated loved one’s general well-being, we will be documenting the home and collecting basic bio data during installation.

  • Basic Information

    An account will be created for the person using the system. This is the address where the system will be installed.
    • Last 3 digits + last alphabet
    • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Installation Date

    Installation bookings are only available two months from the date of sign-up.

    ** Installation booking date and time are subject to installer availability. Our customer service team will contact you to confirm the date and time.

    • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Payer's Particulars

    This is the primary contact for installation and person who will be paying the monthly fees.
    • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    • Forfeiture of S$70 deposit if cancellation occurs before agreed installation date.
    • On signing up, customers are committing to a 24 month contract with a monthly service fee of S$70. Subscription charges begin once installation has been completed and the service has begun.
    • Pricing, delivery date and other errors may be withdrawn or revised and/or your order may be cancelled at any time, without prior notice, before we have both (a) shipped or provided access to your product or service, and (b) received your payment for the product or service. FamilyLife is not responsible for any errors, omissions or misdirected or lost orders, or orders which may be delayed. FamilyLife reserves the right to modify pricing and modify or cancel promotions at any time, without prior notice.
    • FamilyLife reserves the right to modify, add, remove components within the system without prior notice. Devices may change/modify as FamilyLife sees fit.
    • In the unfortunate circumstance that the Older Adult passes away before the installation date, a Compassionate Break will be administered and the initial deposit of S$70 will be returned to the subscriber (Principal Companion).
    • S$70 deposit is refundable upon completion of the 24 month contractual period. The same deposit amount can be used to renew the system contract for another 24 months.
    • I agree to have the home documented with basic bio data collected (person using the system) during installation to support a safe and healthy environment at home while looking out for the general well-being.
    • I have read, understood and agree to the FamilyLife Data Privacy Policies which are hosted within the
    • I have obtained the consent of the Older Adult mentioned, to provide their information for registration, I understand that FamilyLife will perform a verification check before confirmation of the installation date and again at the installation location.
    • FamilyLife is collecting this Personal information to process your order and create the relevant accounts to be used in the FamilyLife Independent Living Solution, your information will also be used contact you for a confirmation on the installation date and to provide emergency services and insurance package as part of the FamilyLife Independent Living Solution after the commencement contracts have been signed on the installation date. Only after the acknowledgement and signature on the contracts during installation, will the subscription and service commence.
    • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I am opting-in to the services provided by FamilyLife as part of the FamilyLife Independent Living Solution.
  • Payment Method

    • Price: $ 70.00
    • American Express

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