Close to Loved Ones,

Close to
Loved Ones Always


Connecting Lives across Generations

No matter when or where your loved ones are, staying updated on their well-being and the environment at home becomes a breeze with our intelligent applications. FamilyLife’s network of sensors, hub, and the cloud are constantly communicating to ensure that you are readily informed of important alerts whenever an issue arises via the FamilyLife mobile app.


FamilyLife App

FamilyLife App helps you and your loved ones live well and be in tune with matters that are close to the heart.

  • See Their Day in a Whole New Light

    Making sure that everyone at home lives well and is in tuned with matters that are close to the heart, even while on the go.

  • Intelligent Notifications

    Receive notifications that matter whenever FamilyLife picks up anything out of the ordinary.

  • You Make the Call

    FamilyLife lets you decide on the next course of action when a situation arises. Respond to the issue yourself or if you are unable to be assured that our 24/7 Personal Assistance will step in and take charge.

  • You and Your Loved Ones, Connected

    Fret not if there are many loved ones under your care. FamilyLife allows you to stay updated on the latest happenings of all of them. With the much needed peace of mind, you can go on days without worry.

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