We believe in Quality Care

You Deserve to Feel Secure

There is comfort in knowing that unwavering care and support will always be available at any time. Backed by 20 years of experience, an elite team of care professionals from FamilyLife’s trusted partner, SilverAlly are on-call round the clock to ensure that you will always be cared for in times of need.

When something happens to you, your family will be the first to be notified. But there will be times when your loved ones are unavailable, that’s when our 24/7 Personal Assistance will step in to assist you and confirm that emergency services are needed before triggering national emergency helpline. No matter the time and location, have confidence that care is just around the corner.


How 24/7 Personal Assistance Works

Whatever the future has in store, we have put together foolproof measures that can flex with your circumstances. Let’s start by anticipating the most important need, where help can be reached in under 20 minutes.



You ran into some trouble at home and require urgent help. You press the emergency button on the Bedroom Assistant (RMS).



You receive an automated call-back on your landline or mobile device. You are unable to pick up the phone or you press “9” to confirm that you need help.


Loved Ones

Your family is immediately notified but unfortunately, they are unable to provide the necessary assistance quickly.


24/7 Personal
Assistance Activated

The 24/7 Personal Assistance kicks in and our team of care professionals will get in touch with you to ascertain the situation and determine if it’s needed to escalate to national emergency helpline.

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